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Last Updated 12/17/07  
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Under Pressure: a frank discussion on Medically Induced Flatulence and its Control

When you stop and think about it, a disease is called a disease because it puts its victims in a perpetual state of discomfort, or dis-ease. Sufferers of Diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and a host of other medical conditions know that a common side effect of numerous chronic health ailments is excess intestinal gas. Granted, excess gas is not a life-threatening condition. But it can be lifestyle-threatening, especially for those who like to enjoy an active social life. Fortunately, thanks to advances in air quality technology, there is a new remedy for sufferers of medically induced flatulence. Called the GasMedic™ flatulence filter, it gives sufferers of excess gas what you need, and want, and must have.

GasMedic's unique, "source-capture" filter design works where you do—in the home, office, school, car, plane, restaurant or other social settings where your busy day takes you. Think of it as your personal bodyguard.

To the eye and touch, the GasMedic™ flatulence filter looks and feels like a conventional padded seat cushion. Since its powerful internal filters are invisible to the eye, you have the security of knowing that your medical condition remains a best-kept secret. Out of sight, out of mind.

The GasMedic flatulence filter backs you up two ways. First, an advanced fire retardant-grade acoustical foam minimizes the signature sound of each flatulence outburst. Next, a high capacity carbon filter adsorbs, absorbs and neutralizes the common odors associated with intestinal gas. What you get is what you want—total control, time and time again!

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For our free White Paper on Flatulence, which discusses among other things the role that health and nutrition play in reducing the frequency of flatulence outbursts, or to read real Testimonial Letters from real people who have gotten real results from our GasMedic solution, click on the purple-colored words that match your requirement.

In addition, a reader-friendly How It Works guide can be downloaded. If you wish to connect to other related web sites, click Links. For those who simply wish to make a purchase, click on our Buy Now link.

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