Flatulence Filter Seat Cushions
Last Updated 12/17/07  
Under you. Under cover. Under control.

GasMedic™ Classic Features and Benefits


  • Discrete and portable.
  • Washable exterior black slipcover c/w zippered opening for filter replacement.
  • Patented carbon filter technology developed for military defense garments.
  • Patented foam manufacturing process complying with CAL TB 117 flammability requirements.
  • Superior gas diffuser design for maximum filter life.
  • Assembled by ECVC, advocates of opportunities for the disabled.
  • Designed by Jim and Sharron Huza. Jim, a filtration engineer working on indoor air quality and odor control solutions for over 25 years in residential, commercial and industrial facilities and Sharron, a nursing professional.


  • Provides freedom, control and enjoyment of life without embarrassment.
  • GasMedic... the difference between cannot and can.


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