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GasMedic™ Flatulence Filter - Product Overview

The GasMedicTM flatulence filter is a high performance air filter designed to look and feel like a conventional seat cushion. It accommodates a sound muffling acoustical foam element and a proprietary blend of activated carbon material. The filter cushions function as a powerful passive control device to effectively neutralize the sound and odor associated with flatulence.

The GasMedic flatulence filter is designed to eliminate the inherent conflict between someone with intestinal gas and the people within his or her breathing zone. Maximum filtration control, within the framework of applied ergonomics, has been developed as a response to broad and repetitive field requirements. The GasMedic flatulence filter’s comprehensive “source capture” engineering design provides a unique solution to the problem of accidental flatulence incidents in a social setting.

GasMedic flatulence filters by Dairiair®,LLC are designed as a discrete and effective solution to the environmental and social problems associated with flatulence. It is a scientific fact that an average individual passes intestinal gas into the environment 14 times per day. Some individuals produce these flatulence outbursts on a more frequent basis. Regardless, should a flatulence outburst occur when the person responsible is in a stationary sitting position, the result can be embarrassing for the person dispelling gas and unpleasant for those nearby. While the GasMedic flatulence filter does not address the sufferer’s underlying condition, it does mitigate its social and environmental effects by muffling the sound and neutralizing the odors of each flatulence outburst for most end-users. Best of all, it provides this dual control in a manner that is totally discrete. If you suffer from a mild or chronic form of intestinal gas, we have a flatulence filter that’s right for you – and the people close to you.

How It Works
There is little difference between the environmental challenge posed by excess flatulence and other common odor challenges like sewage treatment plants or commercial kitchens. All odors are made up of gas molecules. The best way to control them is to capture them at their source and then neutralize them before they have a chance to enter and degrade local ambient air. Essentially this is how the GasMedic flatulence filter system works. When the end-user is seated on the filter cushion, each outburst is muffled and diffused by the cushion’s internal acoustical foam element. The odor-laden discharge is then forced through a proprietary blend of activated carbon material, which strips away the odor-causing gas molecules. Each GasMedic Classic flatulence filter seat cushion has a total carbon surface area roughly equivalent to that of five football fields (288,000 ft2). When the gas exits the GasMedic flatulence filter, the majority of the telltale odor is removed.

Where To Use
The GasMedic flatulence filter is intentionally designed to fit in a wide range of different operating environments without drawing undo attention to it. First, the filter cushion is undistinguishable from conventional padded seat cushions – both in appearance and feel. For this reason, the GasMedic flatulence filter can be used virtually anywhere one can comfortably take a seat – in the car, office, home etc. Second, the cushion’s thin profile and light weight make it extremely portable. It can be discretely used in restaurants, classrooms, boardrooms, medical waiting rooms, sports arenas, airplanes – in fact, in any social setting where the cushion’s invisible flatulence control capabilities provide a welcome measure of personal and environmental protection.

So, where does the GasMedic flatulence filter fit? Virtually anywhere you sit!

When To Use
Society frowns upon certain private acts performed in public, like the passing of intestinal gas. The general public generally treats other natural human outbursts, like sudden laughter or an unexpected sneeze, with a much more forgiving reaction. This is due, in part, to the fact that flatulence outbursts typically produce an immediate surge in localized noxious odors. In effect, the people who are directly exposed to a flatulence outburst become unwitting air filters. While the GasMedic flatulence filter does not reduce the number of flatulence outbursts its user produces, it does insert several degrees of separation between the person committing the act and the people within his or her immediate vicinity. The degree of separation it creates is sufficient to render each flatulence outburst environmentally and socially acceptable for most end-users.

Considering the alternative, the GasMedic flatulence filter applies for all situations in which you would rather be safe…. than sorry.

Features, Benefits and Options - GasMedic Classic

  • Patented impregnated carbon filter media based on technology developed for military chemical defense garments.
  • Foam firmness retention advantage. Dynamic fatigue by roller shear test, 96% firmness retained after 25,000 cycles. Livelier surface feel, better height and shape retention. Complies with UFAC and California Technical Bulletin 117 (CAL TB117) flammability requirements.
  • Replaceable advanced technology activated carbon filter and acoustical foam filter.
  • Superior gas diffuser design for maximum service life
  • Highest Human Ergonomics approval rating
  • Washable black cover c/w zippered back for filter replacement.
  • Also available in GasMedic Mini, GasMedic Disposable and GasMedic Ultra designs.


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