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B.T’s diabetes requires him to move around via wheelchair, yet he maintains a very active lifestyle. He teaches all-day classes at a local community college, works with the Association for Retarded Citizens, supports recreational activities for youngsters with disabilities, as well as works with a group home for chemical dependants, among other activities.

“I’m out in public a lot and being in a wheelchair does not afford me the luxury of running to the bathroom frequently. I use the GasMedic™ flatulence filter every day and no longer do I have to worry about the sounds and odor of flatulence.”

Bob T. North Carolina

A few months ago I heard of a Gas absorbing cushion called GasBGon®. We checked it out on the Internet and I ordered the clinical version, the GasMedic flatulence filter, plus two refill odor filters.

I needed it for a daughter who is in a Nursing Home – two of her problems are Diabetes and Lactose Intolerance, which produces excessive G.I. Gas.

Her room was difficult to remain in for any length of time. I tried everything I could to minimize the odor--- to no avail.

From the day I placed the GasMedic flatulence filter in her lounge chair, the odor disappeared – it even pulled the unpleasant odor out of the bottom cushion!

I no longer need the sprays etc.

Thank you very much. It’s been a Godsend.

Y.F., R.N., Ohio

Thank you so very much for my GasMedic flatulence filter. When I ordered the GasMedic flatulence filter I was desperate for a solution to my problem while sitting at my desk in a very crowded office. But I admit to skepticism but figured I would try anything at this point. I spoke with you over the phone and you were very reassuring but still the skepticism lingered. Well, I am absolutely thrilled with this GasMedic cushion! I am so much more relaxed now at the office as a result of the GasMedic flatulence filter. I can even go to the movies and relax. It is the most effective thing I have tried and believe me, I have tried everything. You and your product are God sent!

G.W. – Canada

My wife has coped with Diabetes for 10+ years and our lifestyle has been limited since. I read an article in a magazine and decided to order the GasMedic flatulence filter for her. It’s a miracle and a blessing; my wife is in heaven with blissful relief, freed from the worry of unintended emissions and the embarrassment of the attendant noxious fumes. God bless you.

H.D. – Arizona

Hi….This is the note that I received from my friend who had an operation to correct a twisted bowel and to whom I gave the GasMedic flatulence filter. A big portion of her small intestine was removed making the digestion of food very difficult and a side effect was excess gas.

“I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtfulness in having me try the GasMedic (futci) flatulence filter to see if it might help.

In the past few months it has been with dread (and in many cases absolute avoidance of events) that I’d be sitting in a group of people, social or business.

Your GasMedic flatulence filter has passed the test with flying colors and has really opened the door for me to meetings and gatherings that I have had to pass up. I can now be part of a ‘sitting’ group and no one needs to know, nor do I have to explain, that there is a very unpleasant, uncontrollable problem. I can now eat before meetings.

Thank you from the ‘bottom’ of my heart. It’s an absolute Godsend.

P.H. - Canada

Dear Sir or Ms:

For the last ten years I have had to cope with a very embarrassing problem --- uncontrollable flatulence. I talked to several doctors about this problem and they adjusted my medication and made some diet suggestions, but the problem still remained.

I tried to date, but imagine sitting in a movie theater with a women and then smelling a foul odor, coupled with the occasional sound. I hated myself until I met my wife. She thought the whole farting thing was funny. She made me laugh, and see the humor in “letting one rip” as she put it. Anyways, she also saw my pain and helped me deal with all this. That is what brings me to you. Before we were married last year she bought me one of your flatulence filter seat cushions. It has been a lifesaver. I feel better about myself and I no longer fear being with company or going to meetings.

Thank you so much for bringing this important product into my life and into the lives of other people like myself. Sometimes I think that it was your cushion that helped turn my life around. I am a very happy man, thanks to you.

C.P - Michigan


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